If your business has employees, you most likely need workers compensation insurance.  Workers Compensation can be a frustrating and often-times an overlooked aspect of having employees.  When obtaining coverage, workers compensation creates additional demands on you as an employer.  Ensuring compliance, taking care of claims, and year-end audits and renewals, are all involved.   Integrity simplifies the demands placed on you, as an employer, by providing a simplified pay-as-you-go program without the need for deposits or year-end audits.  Additionally, Integrity administers any workers compensation claims that you may have, from handling the initial loss report to working as a liaison between you, your employee and the claims adjusters.

  • A pay-as-you-go program
  • NO upfront costs
  • NO year-end audits
  • Unlimited insurance certificates
  • NO Claim processing fees
  • NO cost, full-service claims management