When processing your payroll with Integrity Employee Leasing,

there is one thing you have to do - Turn in hours worked for employees….

yes that is it!


Integrity Payroll Services
Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. takes on the responsibility for timely payments of ALL client payroll taxes to avoid any late payment fees. This allows the client to concentrate on managing their business.

In addition to providing a paycheck to each leased employee, we also process all 940s, 941s, UCT-6’s, W-2’s, new hire reports and termination letters required by the state of Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania, at no additional cost to you, the business owner. We can also deduct and process all child support and garnishment checks and forward them on to the appropriate agency.

You will work directly with your personal payroll processor located in Florida when reporting hours or have questions. You may also elect to handle your account through our payroll online system, while still having a processor assigned to your account. Integrity Employee Leasing eliminates clients’ headaches of having to process payroll on their own.

Overhead cost (payroll processing, computer software, checks, and nonproductive time spent handling payroll) for small to medium size businesses vary in the range of

  • 8 – 12% for 1-9 Employees
  • 4 – 8 % for 10-24 Employees
  • 3 – 6 % for 25-49 Employees
  • 2 – 5% for 50+ Employees

This payroll service processes the general tasks of the day such as time sheets, problem resolution, distribution, and deductions on each employee, the payroll management will no longer take any of your time.