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    SUTA and YOU

    State Unemployment Tax Authority - SUTA SUTA varies from state to state and can be quite confusing for businesses.  Some state's SUTA tax rates can be greater than 10%.  Many business owners do NOT know what rate they are paying for SUTA. SUTA is paid for by the employer and is used to pay unemployment claims.  These rates are calculated based on employer experience, the number of claims or similar employers in your industry and the rates may change yearly.  Your company's SUTA rate is based on the amount of ...

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    14 Guarantees

    Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. is the only Professional Employer Organization to provide... The Integrity Guarantees Integrity Guarantees......your phone call will always be answered by a staff member between the hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm EST not by an automated system. Integrity Guarantees...once you request to speak with a staff member, your wait time will be no longer than 60 seconds before you speak with an Integrity associate. Integrity Guarantees....if you wish to leave a message for an Integrity staff member, that message will be delivered accurately and timely. Integrity Guarantees....Reprints of any previously issued W-2 ...

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    What is a PEO exactly?

    Professional Employer Organization (PEO) - A single source provider of integrated services which enable business owners to cost-effectively outsource the administration of payroll, workers' compensation, human resources, employee benefits, risk management, training, development, and more! In other words - Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. takes out much of the headache of running your business.  When signing on with a PEO, the PEO becomes the "employer of record",  having full responsibility for payroll taxes and filing paperwork on behalf of your company.  The PEO company maintains a ...

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