ObamaCare – Health Care reform and how it will affect YOU.

Highlighting some key points form the 193 page Supreme Court decision and more than 10,000 pages of regulations that have been issued so far, we will review health care reform and those point that may affect you or your PEO.

Chief Justive Roberts truly became the swing vote that narrowly upheld the mandate under congress’ taxing authority. Roberts’ has been quoted in saying,

“Members of this court are vested with the authority to interpret the law. We possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our nation’s elected leaders who can be thrown out of office in the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

This quote from Chief Justice Roberts gives us a glimpse into this thought that is believed to dispel any concerns that he is joined the liberal wing of court.

The court’s ruling was 7-2 imitation the ability of the federal government to pressure the states.  the courts basically said that the federal government cannot threaten a state with a cutoff of all Medicaid funding if it does not go along with the act’s expansion of Medicaid funding.

the general and specific sanctions attached to Obama Care for noncompliance is $100 a day per employee up to a maximum of the lesser of 10% of your total health care spending for the prior year of $500,000.


Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangement (MEWA) – an arrangement where a group of employers pool their contributions in a self-contribution benefits plans for their employees.  The employer make contributions in a self-contributing benefits plans for the employees.  The employer make contributions into the health care plan based on the number of employees they have and the estimated costs associated with each employee.

Along with this act, there are no criminal sanctions that attached to misrepresenting yourself with regard to either the financial condition of a MEWA of a MEWA’s regulatory status.  This is important for a PEO, as many PEO’s maintain that they are single employer plans not subject to ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act).  One opinion does not make all PEO plans a MEWA, however, PEO and employee leasing health care plans that have been examined by the U.S. Department of Labor have been found to be a MEWA.  With the new conditioning on how to represent yourself some PEOs could come into some issues with misrepresentation.


Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc will continue to share updates on health care changes that could affect your business….Stay Tuned


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