At Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. you will receive benefit administration help with no additional cost to you.  We work with Florida licensed agents to find our clients the best benefits that fit the employee’s needs, from major medical, dental, disability and life insurance to supplemental insurance and prepaid legal insurance.  We are constantly searching the state of Florida to provide top notch benefits for our clients and employees.

Aetna Affordable Health Choices

We offer a limited mini medical insurance plan with two medical indemnity plans to choose from.  Coverage is guaranteed & family coverage is available.  Individual coverage is $35.65 or $46.59 per week depending upon level of coverage.  No minimum numbers of employees are needed to enroll – another benefit from signing on with a PEO.

If you are the business owner and are interested in obtaining your own Group Major Medical Policy to offer your employees, we can get you quotes and set it up.  Group major medical insurance is a wonderful benefit for you to provide as an employer.  Please be aware that there are minimum participation requirements and mandatory employer financial contributions with groups’ major medical plans.
Edge Plus Plan

Not your typical dental insurance plan, coverage is guaranteed and family coverage is available.  You can use any dentist.  Individual coverage is $7.98 per week.  Another benefit with going with Integrity Employee Leasing, there is no minimum number of employees needed to enroll.

VSP Vision Plan

Coverage guaranteed vision plan and a family coverage available.  Individual coverage starts at $1.59 per week.  No minimum number of employees is needed to enroll.


Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. partners with an AFLAC agent to offer all AFLAC products to clients and employees.  Some products include short term disability, life insurance, accident plan, cancer plan, long term care, and more.  Prices vary based upon industry sector.  No minimum number of employees are needed to enroll.

PrePaid Legal & Identity Theft Plan

A legal assistance plan that is available through payroll deduction.  Prices vary.  No minimum numbers of employees are needed to enroll.

Employee Assistant Program

An employee assistant program (EAP) provides employees and their family members with professional counseling for a variety of problems.  Early detection and assistance can often present more serious problems from developing.  The EAP offers personal confidential counseling services for a wide range of concerns including:

  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Parenting Problems
  • Marital Family Relationships
  • Interpersonal Problems on the job
  • Stress
  • Depression, etc.