In an effort to control  our costs and continue to offer our clients the most competitive rates, we offer a Florida safety program designed for your industry and a free risk assessment by some of the best safety engineers in the business.  This, no cost to you risk management program, is designed to decrease costly claims while increasing your overall productivity.

Risk management is to identify, assess and prioritize risks; then coordinate to minimize, monitor or control the impact.  A risk management system could include policies, procedures, and practices that would monitor risks.  A good risk management program supports accountability, performance measurement and reward.


  1. Businesses and organizations are now being held to a very high standard of care by the court systems.
  2. Clients and customers are more aware of the level of service to expect and the recourse they can take if they have been wronged.
  3. Employers are being held liable more often for the actions of their employees.
  4. It is shown that with a strong risk management program in place it can help reduce wasted time and money.

Integrity Employee Leasing, Inc. offers Risk Management help and advise for clientele at no additional cost with usage.  We take care of processing payroll; handle your workers compensation policy, offer a full human resource department, and tax filings.  We understand the importance of time to local business owners and strive to make daily operations as easy as possible.